Metzeler RaceTec TD Slick

Metzeler RaceTec TD Slick

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RACETEC™ TD Slick joins the range of METZELER™ racing slick tires, dedicated to riders and club racers with a focus on competition and training use.

RACETEC™ TD Slick is a slick tire for the track that is quick and easy to use. It can also be used without tire warmers and does not require any special bike set-up to offer optimal performance. The key features of the RACETEC™ TD Slickinclude optimal performance, uniformity of yield even after several sessions, versatility for different track surfaces and operating temperatures, high resistance to abrasion and the option to reverse the direction of rotation of the rear tires between sessions if the circuit configuration generates more wear on one side.

RACETEC™ TD Slick has been designed for riders that want the advantages of a slick product but without the need for additional racing equipment (stands, tire warmers, generators, etc.) or a highly tuned bike set-up and suspension, as are normally needed with slick racing tires.

RACETEC™ TD Slick is therefore aimed at all riders who do not want to go without slick tires on the track, expert riders who want a plug-and-play product for long free sessions, and club riders who need a tire with endurance mileage and an excellent quality/price ratio that allows them to focus on improving lap times for the entire race weekend.

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