Tire Information

Tire Pressure

Always inflate the tire to the correct pressure. Be sure to check cold inflation pressure frequently, i.e. once a week. Although most motorcyclists love to work on their bikes, many seldom remember to check their bikes tire pressures. Correct pressures are critical for safe handling. Over inflation or extreme tire pressure will impair your riding comfort and decrease the size of the contact patch of the tire with the road. Under inflation or too little air pressure will result in poor handling and the bike will be inclined to “wander”. Improper and insufficient tyre pressure will also cause rapid tire wear, an increase in fuel consumption, lower top speed, and provide less control. Remember to check the inflation pressure of your tires weekly. You will find the correct pressure in the operating manual of the motorcycle. Use METZELER’s information only as reference. Attention: When the recommended pressure has been changed for use off the public highway (race track, off-road), it must be reset to the correct value before riding on the street.


For all Racetec Metzeler tires the K1 compound is the maximum grip level intended for racing and the K2 is a more durable race tire option.  The TD slick is intended to be used with or without tire warmers and is designed to work across a very wide range of track surfaces.  If is designed to be very consistent thru the tires life and many heat cycles.  

Load capacity and speed rating

Load Capacity and Speed Rating are included in the size description. The load rating of a tire is identified by an index number and must not be exceeded (observe the maximum permitted vehicle weight). The maximum permitted vehicle weight might be exceeded when loading the bike with passenger, panniers, tank bag, etc. for longer trips.


For optimum performance, new tyres should be ridden on cautiously for the first 100-200 km. During this run-in period sudden acceleration, heavy braking, and hard cornering must be avoided.

Tread depth

Legally the tire has to be changed accordingly to the national law. METZELER recommends changing tires once the tread depth is below 2mm.

Tire sizing

120/70-17 is front tire for all 17 inch front wheels (Including Ninja 250 and 300)

150/60-17 is rear tire for 3 inch wide rear wheel (ninja 250 and 300)

180/55-17 and 180/60-17 is rear tire for typical 600cc sport bike (5.5 inch wide rear wheel)

200/55-17 is rear tire for typical 1000cc sport bike (6.0 inch and wider rear wheel)
The below tire pressures are a range which depends on riding style, bike set up, and track conditions.  For example 30/35 means pressure range is 30 to 35 psi.