AIM SOLO 2 DL GPS laptimer

AIM SOLO 2 DL GPS laptimer

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The AiM Solo 2 DL is a GPS Motorcycle Lap Timer + Data and Telemetry Logger for the Ducati 1098 2007-2009. The Solo 2 DL unit can help you push your lap times faster using visual cues from its intuitive LED system, all while logging valuable race data. AIM uses data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass for precision within a maximum gap not higher than 2/100 sec. At the end of the session you can quickly review all the data right on the display.

• Includes Plug and Play Bike Specific ECU Data Cable

• Track and Log Lap Times with up to 5 split times

• Automatic Track Recognition

• Various Race Modes (Closed Circuit Track, Point to Point, 0-60)

• On Screen Data Recall

• Syncs with iPhone

• Multi-Color Backlit Display

• 4 GB Internal Storage / Re-Chargeable Lithium Battery

solo 2 dl with ecu connection
Depending on your bike, the Solo 2 DL can acquire and record multiple pieces of data for reply and analysis including 1) RPM, 2) Wheel speed 3) TPS, 4) TPS %, 5) Temperature 6) Brake 7) Accelerator / Yaw Status, 8) Suspension, 9) Traction Control, 10) Air Intake Temperature and more.

configurable leds

With a database of more than 2,000 tracks all over the world, The Solo 2 DL is a valuable tool for track day riders and professional racers. As soon as it switches on, Solo 2 DL identifies its position, recognizes the starting line coordinates of the track and starts sampling lap times. In case the track is not in the database, the Solo 2 DL switches to learning mode, automatically understanding the characteristics of the track and gives the lap time anyway.

customize your solo 2

One of the coolest features of the Solo 2 DL is the LED Configuration which glows red if you are slower then you average lap time and glows green if you are faster, pushing you for better lap times.

Display: Graphical
Resolution: 128x64
Display Pages: Up to 8 Configurable
Backlight: Up to 7 Configurable Colors
Shift Lights: Up to 10 Configurable LED's
Tracks: Integrated Database
Inertial: 3 Axis +/- 5G Accelerometer + Gyro + Magnetometer
Wi-Fi: Yes
GPS: 10hz
External Power: 12v
Battery: Lithium (charging cable included)
Memory: 4GB (internal)
Dimensions: 98x74x30mm
Weight: 240g (battery included)
Waterproof: IP65 rated
ECU Connection: Yes (CAN, RS232 or K-Line)