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Here are some customer rider reviews of the Metzeler products!


Metzeler Sportec M9 RR

The biggest challenge for sports bike tires is handling the instantaneous torque that can lead to bikers losing traction. This is what the Metzeler Sportec M9 RR does best. This tire is made with superb quality compound, and the radial design adds to the bite on dry and wet roads. These tires are show stealers because of their killer performance, as well as their daunting looks. They add that extra bit of oomph to your bike.

The best thing about these tires is their dual-compound structure that uses rubber and silica to keep the tire rigid from within but gives a softer look outside. So while you enjoy a tight and durable tire, it doesn’t look too aggressive on your bike. Not only that, but the silica compound also allows the tire to raise the temperature quickly enough that you can hit the roads as soon as possible.

Moreover, Metzeler tested this tire on different bikes to see how it complied with different power ratings. Without a doubt, these tires came out as top-performing tires, standing in the way of neither quick acceleration nor quick braking, that too on both dry and wet roads. Heating and wearing out are common for race track tires. However, the Sportec M9 RR tires keep their cool for extended periods, keeping your investment safe for a longer time.

They are highly adaptable to different conditions because of their additional dynamic treads. Also, these tires give 10% better fuel economy than the Metzeler Sportec M7 RR. What’s better than getting the higher performance and fuel economy in a single tire set? These tires are ready for all challenges while keeping the needs of a variety of users in mind – all that at a very reasonable price.


En Qing Hou -


Jesse James Provencio

My first time using Metzeler TD Slick Trackday Tire ever and this video is the first trackday Ive done since 6/7/20 last year. I have used the Dunlop Q3+ and Q4 previously on this 2007 Honda CBR1000RR, the Q4 obliviously being better of those 2. But this Metzeler TD Slick Trackday Tire performed even better more consistently It just had better grip everywhere (entry, mid corner, mid corner knee dragging load grip and drive exit grip). seems like it will last as long as the Q4. I felt more planted at 40-80 mph knee dragging.
I only did 3 sessions on these tires, at 1020am, 1220am and 220pm at 80-95 degree dry weather temps and my buddy used the same bikes/tires one session every hour before me. We used tire warmers that top off 80 degrees Celsius every session. We consistently set the pressures to Metzeler recommended low hot pressures every time the bike came off the track to 32 psi at 140-148 degrees front and 25 psi at 165-170 degrees rear.
I consider myself a fast B group/ Slow/Med A group rider. Im not in shape or young. I like to test tires on this old school lightly modded CBR to find the limits of the tire easier since it has no TC,/Wheelie control. I'll post other on board videos soon of the later sessions.

Chris Branning
I personally have nothing but good things to say.
Incredible longevity, including the metzeler m9rr on my street bike.
The slicks though: good feel, good grip, quick warmup without warmers since warmers are optional on them. Slicks don’t like wet though. Lol.
They’ve also got an RR slick that requires warmers.


Jarrod Wilson

Metzeler Track Day Slicks Review: That’s gonna be a YES from me dawg.
Weather and location: Beautiful high 70s partly cloudy day at Homestead-Miami Speedway with Florida Trackdays.
Pressures: 32F/24R cold in the morning. 33F/25R cold in the afternoon.
Bike: 2017 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR. No tire warmers. 
Me: Mid pack A group pace on the Tuono that I ride to work on every day. Expert race pace on a legit race bike.
I’m going to compare them to the Pirelli Supercorsa TDs because I’ve ridden that tire at the same track on the same bike before.
Whereas for me, the Supercorsa TD basically behaved like a fairly soft slick, the Metzeler TD seems to act like more of an endurance style slick.
The immediate grip on a stone cold Supercorsa is pretty crazy, you can put your knee down negotiating the turn out of hot pit. The Metzeler is good, but it’s not that good. I was helping some guys out on race bikes who were on real slicks and warmers and they went straight to their slow A group pace right on the out lap. I stayed with them running :38/:39 pace on the completely cold Metzelers. It was possible, but it wasn’t fun. There was a lot of movement.
Once up to temp the outright grip and feel were very similar to the Pirelli TDs. Not quite as squishy in feel, but the same confidence to carry the front brake leaned well into the turns. Hammering on the rear in Race Mode with TC set to 1 provoked more wheelies than TC activation and excellent drive.
Here’s the big difference that I noticed between the two tires. I get 6 good sessions out of a Supercorsa TD rear at Homestead. The treads are gone by the seventh session and the grip has fallen off dramatically. I think I could probably get another full day of 7 sessions out of the Metzeler TD slick rear. I certainly didn’t experience the same drop-off over one track day that I do with the Supercorsas. Huge difference in longevity.
I purchased my Metzelers through Moto Garage Racing and the total came to $351.61 after shipping.

Cycle News Magazine Review
En Qing Huo
Read about these Metzeler TD slicks on here and ordered a set to try. I’ve been running Dunlop Q4s and Pirelli TDs and am overall a fan of “TD” tires- good grip, lazy on the warmers, but short life (at Jennings at least).
I paid 308 for the 120/70 & 200/55 set excluding shipping from Moto Garage. Mounted on a R1. Slow advanced pace mid 20s at Jennings.
It was 40°F the first session in the morning so I figured this is a great real world “no warmers required” test. Referred to the pressure chart and started with 30/22 cold. I gave it three warmup laps just to be safe and I could feel the tires warm up and build grip every lap. Eventually I found I could start pushing about 1.5-2 laps in but before that they definitely were not confidence inspiring. End of first session pressures- 32.5/28 hot.. the front wear was fine and felt good but the rear looked a bit torn up so I dropped it to 25 hot. It cleaned up nicely and is what you see in the pics. The rear was flipped at lunch and I set it to 21psi cold, which bumped up to 25 hot. Most of the day was in the 50°s.
Grip was excellent, maybe a half notch above the Pirelli TDs. They never got greasy but do slide with throttle when cranked over. Front had more feel than the Pirelli TD. Nice perk was longevity. It’s looking like I can get 1.5 Jennings days out of the rear vs a day on the Pirelli TD and a little less than a day on the Q4. Side note, the Metzelers took very little weight to balance, 1/4 oz for the rear tire. Overall a good tire.

Abhi Khullar